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[Last updated on 12/27/2006]

You can view all our songs in our playlist and even make real time requests! Just click on the vote button besides each song and your request will be placed into the que - and should play shortly after that. To start browsing choose a letter below or use the Search Box by typing in the Artist's name or a Song Title:


No Artist - Title Request Album Time


Whitney Houston - Miracle


I'm Your Baby Tonight



This Song/Artist Search is case-insensitive and part of a word can be used in the search.
When the search string is enclosed in "double-quotes" the search is case-sensitive. It
supports two-word searches when they are separated by a comma. The Search does
not support a comma in the search word itself. Some examples for search strings are:

(artist - "ARTIST" - song,artist - "ARTIST",song).

At the end of the search Url's of the documents containing the Artist/Song information you
are searching for will be displayed which can then be single-clicked to access that page.


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