Instructions on how to start listening to the music...

Step 1: Get a MP3 player that supports streaming (See below for a list)
Step 2:
Open the URL ( ) in your player or just click here.
Step 3:
Request your favourite songs from the playlist.
Step 4:
Sit back and enjoy the music!

Players that supports MP3 & WMA streaming

iM Tuner
Needed to listen to iM iT enabled Streams!!
Pros: Has cool things like "Tell Me More" (TMM) and searchable Tuning Guide!
Cons: Will only play iM iT enabled broadcasts and has to be the ONLY player for them.



Plays MP3, WMA, RA, WAV, CD Audio, and streaming audio/video.
Featuring Deeply-Dynamic skins, Internet radio tuner, music search, ID3 tag editing, save to WAV, stream recording, visual & audio plugins, SmartAlarm, and much more!
Pros: Audiorealm partner and awesome streaming sound quality!
Cons: There's not a Linux version yet :(
Winamp.gif (12425 bytes)

doghous1.gif (364 bytes) Home

Most popular MP3 player out there and also the creators of ShoutCasting -
one of the MP3 streaming technology that we are using.
Pros: Use very little CPU, easy to use, supports skins and plugins
Not the best looking player available but there are awesome skins & cool plugins available for it !
sonique.gif (24931 bytes)

doghous1.gif (364 bytes) Home

This player looks excellent and is catching up pretty fast on Winamp as far as features are concerned.
Pros: Looks much better than Winamp. Easy to use, supports skins and plugins
Cons: The GUI looks great - but is bulky and slow.
FreeAmps.gif (2664 bytes)

doghous1.gif (364 bytes) Home

This open source player has a pretty decent look as well as some good functionality. But best of all - its absolutely free!
Pros: Its absolutely free! And a linux version is also available...
Does not have all the features of the "big boys" but did we say it runs in Linux?
logo-soundjam.gif (1006 bytes)

doghous1.gif (364 bytes) Home
For all you Mac folks!.
Pros: Dunno. Works on mac though.
Dunno. Seems to be shareware...could be worth the $$$?
WMA Player

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The Standard Window Media Player !
Pros: Plays all Windows Media format files, both audio and Video..
Well it's Microsoft, nuff said - No support for Linux, minimal support for Mac..

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